Is it expensive?

For our latest price list of components please refer to the PEGTOG price list page

Can it be re-used?

Yes you can dismantle any object made and reassemble into any other idea as often as you want.

Does it harm the environment?

No the brick is made from recycled plastic and can be recycled, so it is good for the environment.

Do I need special tools to use it?

No any house hold tools such as a hammer, wood saw or drill.

Do I need special skills to use it?

No, we have made Pegtog Eco-Brick very easy for the customer to assemble.

Does it come in different colours?

As the brick is made from recycled plastic, the most prominent colour would be Black,Brown or dark green.
You can have special colours but will be at an extra cost, as the material would be virgin not recycled.

How do you fix bricks to the surface?

For fixing to cement / wood surface you need to buy our base plates, which screw into the base of the brick. You then fix the base plate to the surface you are building upon.
For garden or any outside surface you can use wooden posts or other suitable material.

Is it waterproof?

As the bricks are made from plastic, all joints would need to be siliconed so as to make a water tight joint but it can be done.

How strong are the bricks?

Pegtog Eco-Bricks are very strong and can hold a lot of pressure, not easy broken.

How are the bricks held together?

Plastic plns, 6mm steel threaded rod, cement, or just silicone, or just build.
It's all about how strong you want your build to be. If you want a permanent structure you could fill the bricks with soil, sand, gravel or cement.

Can I use nails and screws with them?

No nails, but drilled holes will take any type of screws.

What kind of projects can they be used for?

This product can be used for most building ideas you can think of inside or out.