How it works

1. Mark out the outline of the wall and any corners using a spirit level and chalk line, or straight edge.


2. Determine how many bricks will be required for the wall. (each brick measures 300 x 150 x 100mm)


3. Insert base plates into every second or third brick in the first course with a suitable fastener, 8mm csk coach screws work well.


4. Fasten the first course of bricks to the substrate (concrete, timber, sheet flooring etc.) using the holes provided with an appropriate fixing.


5. Insert the expanding pegs into the holes on the top of the first course using the peg tool supplied, or a plastic mallet.


6. Begin building from the corners of the wall. Press or tap the second course of bricks down on to the course below, the pegs will all naturally align to create a strong joint. You will need to use half bricks to complete the corners. Simply cut a brick through the centre with a fine toothed panel saw and discard the offcut.


7. Continue building until the desire height is achieved.

Any questions?